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HERStory Evolving Richly

Our Sacred Place, For Us by Us

Somewhere I lost my way and lost touch of who I really was... dimming my light, playing it safe, losing my identity, unsure of my purpose, not enjoying or celebrating life... I was so focused on caring for others and bringing comfort to my family, that I, at times, was left feeling drained.  During my 30s, I realized my life was only work and family...

That was my story and now I realize my story is shared with other women who look just like me.  Now is the perfect time for us to unite, come into our own, accept our gifts and talents, be bold, and enjoy the ride!

Our tribe specifically taps Into Black women in their 30s who are active wives, mothers, partners in need of a healthy outlet they can tune into on-demand via our self-titled podcast, Just HER, and soon our YouTube page.

This age group is perhaps considered one of the most pivotal periods of a woman's life.  It is the intro to figuring it all out and “settling down” —getting serious about relationships with SELF, finances, romantics, and family.  All of these elements brought me to start Just H.E.R. (Herstory Evolving Richly) platform.  This is our sacred place.

"Wait, what if I'm not in my 30s?" or "what if I don't fit in that niche?"  That is perfectly okay!  You are welcomed.  I'm sure you have experienced a time when you wished you had support or advice during some of the most pivotal moments of your life.  

Not to mention, our site contains tons of content you can explore.  We have topics ranging from relationships to health & wellness!  We even have a special section just for members to get exclusive content such as our JustHER Tribe Forum, vids, live chats, & so much more!  Feel free to check us out... we're here for you!  Let's get to know each other... let's collab... let's share... see you around!

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