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I AM...

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

#declarationsofagoddess #libraseason #beauty #balanced #gowiththeflow

I am that I AM.

Life, power, and divinity spring up from the chambers of my womb and channels through the essence of my being.

I speak with conviction. My voice eradicates fear and welcome love.

I am enveloped in grace and beauty.

I am savory, sophisticated, and desirable. I am a meal and a dessert.

My words are like honey, but commands the attention of many. I am heavy and lightweight. Yes, I will check you, respectfully.

I am the strategist. The one who makes power moves.

I am fair and balanced.

I am wise and use discernment.

My energy is dynamic. I am the party.

I thrive in peace and harmony. Everyone feels accepted and loved in my presence.

I am unforgettable.

I am unapologetically ME.

Cultured. Timeless. Priceless. Delectable. Balanced. Intuitive.

I AM all of that and so much more..


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