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Current Collective Love Energy (End of August 2021)

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

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Disclaimer: Readings are timeless; whenever you come across this message will resonate with you and your situation

Major shifts in relationships. individuals are seeking more from their relationships and the bar for expectations for self and their significant other or potential are rising

Stagnancy and complacency are no longer acceptable

Compromise may be an issue as frustrations bare a huge role in stubbornness

It's time for the collective to seek more satisfying relationships within the self, friendships, family, and new loves

The collective has completed an extensive amount of healing work. The new energies are desperately wanting to come in! BRING IN THE NEW, PLEASE!

Taking time away from an intense or dramatic situation will bring clarity. You will then be able to decide what you truly desire.... a do-over or walk away

I heard the '8 of cups'... so some of you may be walking away and walking towards the '9 of cups' wish fulfillment, but I also hear be mindful to not overindulge as the '9 of cups' in Rider Waite can turn into a glutenous or toxic situation or addiction.

Separation does not always lead to endings. A fresh start with your current relationship or new relationship is definitely on the horizon. You decide.

Sometimes things and situations are meant to be left where they are at!

For those of you who are single and are open to love, release the old so you can be able to receive the new. Separate from old attachments, thought patterns, behaviors, and belief systems that no longer work for you. For those of you who have made conscious efforts in self-development, you have done enough work to a point where you can manifest positive and healthy platonic relationships and build from there.

I just heard 'new sheets.' Some of you need to get rid of your 'old sheets' and bedding. Cleanse your space so you can have a fresh start, especially if you want to welcome a new love.

I also heard 'perfume.' Invest in a new fragrance to spice up your love life and exude the love you want if you are single.

'Fresh air.' Get some fresh air! Go outside. Yes, there are some restrictions, but be creative and meet new people. It can be done!

'Ketchup.' I don't know if some or one of you likes ketchup, but cut back. The ingredients in the ketchup no longer resonate with your body aka system. I heard 'too acidic.'

That's all I have for you right now!

Be positive and keep the faith! All things are possible! Welcome the new!

Be Well,

Amethyst Goddess

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