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Declarations of a Goddess

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

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This is my intro for 'Declarations of a Goddess'. I was inspired around 2 am to create this section on the 'Just HER' site. I will share weekly intuitively-inspired affirmations based on the energy and what's needed for those that visit the site.

We are continuously encountering attention-grabbing activities through the media such as reality & drama shows, 'breaking' news, social media, music & entertainment. Being drawn into these addictive distractions can cause impulsivity and imbalance. You can easily lose yourself if you're not grounded, especially in this day and age.

The Divine Feminine is needed.

We are here.

We are connected.

We are operating in our purpose.

We are balanced and whole.

Our hearts are open.

Our words are impactfully and deliberately spoken to bring about positive change when needed.

Our time in silence is just as meaningful as our voice; as we choose to listen to others and Spirit

What 'Declarations of a Goddess' Is used for:

  • Assert our godhood into the Universe

  • Raise vibration.

Be empowered and not become victim to circumstances
  • Set the tone for everyday life so that we operate with ease

Goddess in Effect
  • Invoke the power of manifestation when in deliberate creation mode or in the position of receiving

  • Being in the act of mindfulness

  • Actively aligning to our desires and aspirations

  • Intentionally focusing our minds and our hearts on positive outcomes

  • Assist in releasing control

  • Acceptance and allowance

To provide a statement on what 'Declarations of a Goddess' IS NOT is futile.

One may argue these statements are contradictory. But they are not. Just because you are in your power does not mean you're controlling or egoic. Being in the act of allowing does not indicate one is weak. We acknowledge that we are powerful enough to make conscious decisions and strides for our betterment. But, we are enlightened enough to know we are a part of a collective. We coexist with an orchestra of other beings and energies. To think we, as humans, dominate the Universe is absurd and ignorant.

We are fully aware that whatever we focus on brings life to it- whether we deem it good or bad.

Therefore, we are present, but we are also open to the harvest of the seeds we have sown through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Check-in often... I have a feeling this section will definitely have a mind of its own... LOL and I'm game for it!

With Gratitude,

Amethyst Goddess

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