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Divine Priestess

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What a perfect message from the Divine! The New Moon in Sagittarius energy is still present for you to set intentions and prep yourself for the things you desire through self-care and planning. Not to mention the extra umph the solar eclipse joined forces with the New Moon on December 4, 2021. During this time, the big dreams you have seem possible and near.

Don't forget the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini is on December 18, 2021!

I pulled three cards- Talismans of Potency (Charging Sacred Objects of Power); the Lunar Queen (She of the Celestial Crescent); Soul Retrieval (Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess) from Alana Fairchild's "Isis Oracle" deck.

Now's the time to charge you sacred objects such as your crystals, wands, decks, tools, altars, and scepters. Better yet, make it a practice to cleanse and charge them, as

needed. If you're new to this, feel free to explore and purchase a crystal or two!

The Goddess Isis calls for us to embrace the lunar cycles. Appreciating each phase of the Moon is embracing all aspects of yourself.

Call in all the pieces of you! Look inward and acknowledge those parts of you that have been misused, traumatized, and abandoned (past lives, childhood, etc). Visualize collecting all of your memories and shine a light on them. Once you feel ready, release them into the Sun. If you resonate with the Moon, then envision the Moon glowing instead. Forgiveness brings your heart in alignment with what you truly desire. Being whole and having peace with yourself is the ultimate satisfaction. Your soul is yearning for you for healing. If you're a Healer, we need you! Your efforts are needed now more than ever. Accept and receive this great responsibility, and in return, the Universe will provide and protect you.

Take advantage of this time to fine-tune your practices.

Show up for each opportunity that resonates with your Spirit and most importantly, express gratitude!

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