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Is She Your Friend or Nah?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

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Is she your friend or nah? Like, seriously... you constantly support her in her endeavors and you barely get feedback on the dreams or visions you share. Inconsistently consistent, may I add? Umph. She tells you she's coming, only to be extremely late or a no-show. But, she did come though, right? She did at least text yo' ass, she was coming or she was on the way. She did the best that she could do, right?

You notice when it's time to go out to flex, shop, do it for the 'gram, or any other superficial thing--- she'll be there--consistently!

Everyone has a lot of shit on their plate. Some can rise to the occasion of being present and some cannot. No pressure...

Le sigh... so you decide, okay... lemme put my big girl panties on, and suck the shit up cuz damnit, you have to be your own girlfriend, right? You work in silence-- working a full-time gig, taking classes, while going hard in the mf'ing paint for your true love--your very own business. Boom! You finally have enough content, enough visuals, enough confidence to share with the world! But, definitely, your girl! You finally have enough ovaries to share your project with your girl. You wait in anticipation. Wondering why it's taking so long for your girl to scream or twerk or something---aaannnnnddd you get nada! Nada? Nada? Nada? Na-ting at all-- but a dry ass, 'umph, that's cute.... this is what you were working on, hun? Oh ok.' and some other bullshit that sounds like crackers crumblin' in a plastic bag.

Is she your friend, or nah? Nah, bruh... she ain't yo friend, sis, kiking girl you chat with all night long, boo or none of that shit. Aim high, queen. It's okay. Decide if it's worth saving or worth letting go. If it's just something that occurred recently, maybe you could feel it out to see if she's going through some things and express how you would like her to be more involved in your life. Oooor, you can leave that shit alone and keep it moving, focus on your craft and put yourself out there to meet other like-minded individuals.

But, what I ultimately want you to consider is to take care of yourself first! Your confidence and your self-worth are far more important than a co-sign. Don't give your power away for approval or acceptance from others. Accept and love yourself, first, queen! Easier said than done, right? Fill your cup, first. I'm telling you--- pouring into yourself is far more rewarding. That way, when you receive those accolades, applauses, 'likes', reposts and retweets, and connections --- all that shit is extra! You feel me?

Remember, I love you, goddess--- so, so, so much!


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