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It's Never Too Late!!! You Can Do WTF You Wanna Do.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

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Some of us were told when, how, where, but were rarely told why we were supposed to do certain things at different ages of our lives. We discover after leaving our 20s behind, the 20s were meant for discovery, having fun, and not being so serious about love and relationships. It's almost like you realize that you had this 'unknown grace' of being young and carefree. At the time, however, it seems like there's this pressure to hurry up and get serious about SOMETHING-- whether it's related to career, finances, education, marriage, children, or all the above.

You then approach the gate of the 30s. It seems so serious. If you aren't where you are expected to be (whether others or your expectations), you may feel pressured to 'settle down.' All of the 'clocks' seem to be ticking. LBVS. When approaching the mid-30s, you are either at the point of being lost or rediscovering yourself without anyone else's influence. Those that are considered 'lost,' are used to social constructs that frame how they live. These social constructs influence culture, beliefs, and so much more. If you're a mother, the motherhood role can overshadow everything else in your life, including your personality. If you're in a committed relationship and haven't quite learned how to be your own identity outside of the relationship, you can lose sight of what makes you happy. You'll find yourself doing A LOT of what you don't wanna do.

Those that are considered 'lost in their 30's sometimes recover by their 40's, after having more experiences that challenge their point of view and way of living. These experiences often reflect as challenges that are causing shifts within relationships with self and others. The less resistance and more acceptance one has will help influence the progress one is making in this journey. This process can be tedious at times. Be gentle with yourself. The emotions and thoughts you are having throughout this period are perfectly okay. We are not in a race, as we have our own paths. It's better to know who you are than to never know.

Through my discovery, I have appreciated what my 30s have shown me. I appreciate all the experiences. My experiences have become notches on my 'belt of wisdom' I've accumulated over time which I can share with another woman who may be experiencing what I have already gone through. I've never consciously loved myself as much as I do now. I look so damn good, and I am finally creating without the influence of someone else's opinion. I can look in the mirror at any given moment and genuinely love what I see. I love exercising and using discernment in what I put in and on my temple. I no longer chastise myself harshly when I do something that I probably shouldn't do; nor do I judge others harshly. I choose to walk in my truth and speak my truth; even if my voice may quiver out of nervousness. I remind myself that it's okay that others are uncomfortable with this evolved version of me. How I walk, talk, think, feel, or what I wear is finally going in the direction that I DESIRE.

So, beautiful goddesses, do WTF you wanna do. If you've been scared to make that international trip, now is the time to book it. Write that book! Launch that bomb-ass business idea! If you've wanted to get locs, but you felt you had a job that influenced your hairstyles and overall fashion, go for the locs and revamp yourself! If your perspectives of your beliefs have shifted, come out of the closet and show yourself. You may be surprised there are people like you with similar interests! Ladies, it's never too late for you. You can be and do whatever you want to do. Do it scared! Do it with courage!

Love, love, love you!


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