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Meditation- Everyday Practice

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Over the weekend, I was speaking with someone at the park. Our conversation was very interesting. We discussed our daily routines, motherhood, and spirituality. She stated she desired to have a routine that incorporated more spiritual practice, primarily to start her day.

She brought up a topic that I thought more about as I drove home. Meditation. We tend to think we need a quiet environment where we can sit in a yoga pose for a long time until we zone out. Here's the kicker-- you meditate every day! How?! Think about the times you do your daily chores and how you zone out. Before you know it, you look up-- and you're done cleaning! When you take a drive, have you noticed you zoning out while driving? You're still alert and aware that you're still behind the wheel. Have you ever sat down and found yourself zoning out while relaxing, even while watching tv or listening to music? During those moments of routine, a sensation of relaxation you feel like you're there, but you're not at the same time. Crazy right?

Again, meditation doesn't take you taking a large amount of time to get into the zen you're searching for. You can set your intentions before meditation. Your intentions can focus on rebalancing or grounding your energy, especially during frustrating or stressful times, manifesting your desires, healing specific energy points or chakras, or even allowing for certain answers to come to you.

There are so many reasons you can choose to use meditation as a daily practice. Some elect to focus on a specific item in their surroundings to look off to. You can also choose to focus on your energy points, colors, objects in your mind (ie, focusing on the image of an apple or visualizing exhaling lower vibrational energy and inhaling higher vibrational energy).

Find what works for you! It's really your universe. There's no right or wrong. Keep it simple. Try not to overthink it. Remember, what you choose to dwell on, you become. Meditating on what you DO NOT want will also bring more of what you do not want.

Hope this helps! Do you intentionally meditate? If so, what are some of the ways you find are helpful to quickly get into the zone-- that moment of a relaxed daze?

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