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Momma, It's Ok.. and so am I.

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Mommas, sometimes we just wanna do whatever we can to ensure our loved ones are nurtured and loved; especially our little ones. We tend to feel guilty if we can't provide an immediate fix to resolve our loved ones discomfort.

Children can be the most innocent and purest beings on this planet! At times, we feel

their emotions as our own. What do you do when you feel like your child or children are experiencing emotions that they do not understand or know how to handle? How do we guide them and show them how to express their emotions in a healthy manner?

I have a 9 year old son-- trust, I can relate! Here are some tips I have obtained through this parenting journey mostly intuitively and through trial and error:

  • Operate in acceptance.

  • Be present.

  • Learn your child.

  • There's nothing like being in tune with your child and knowing when something may not be quite right; learning that balance of when to take action and allow your child to open up to you is essential for the development of the relationship

  • Over time, you'll learn how to turn those challenging moments into joy and contentment (but not forcefully).

  • Be the 'safe space' your child needs to feel secure and safe

  • Give space for your child to collect themselves.

  • Demanding or pressuring your child to feel a certain way will only bring resistance and your child will not be open to you.

  • Allow your child to openly express how they feel.

  • Communication is key.

  • Validate their emotions and relate.

  • Let them know it's okay that they feel their emotions and express that you've felt that way before, too. Remember, your transparency builds trust.

  • Refrain from negating their emotions that's not deemed as positive.

  • Sadness and anger are just as significant as happiness.

  • Give them tools to that'll help them to handle their feelings in a healthy manner.

  • Breathing techniques, affirmations, exercises

  • Exercises can be physical and mental... being in nature, doing yoga, running, meditating, journaling are all healthy outlets for you and your child to adopt as part of your lifestyles or routines.

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