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My emotions are sacred

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For the days and times where you’re not in the most positive space, use this declaration to pivot your energy from victimhood to a place of power

Remember: Don’t beat yourself up if sometimes you miss the mark; acknowledge it and keep it pushing

I am not my emotions, therefore, I do not have to accept anyone's labels or titles because I freely express myself

I give myself permission to feel

I validate my own emotions

It is ok to express myself and release my emotions in a healthy way

My emotional experiences do not define me

I will not judge myself harshly or allow anyone else to

Being angry is ok

Crying is ok

Not being in the mood is ok

I allow my emotions to pass thru me and I do not hold onto them

I reflect, observe and let go

I choose healing over resentment

I choose to withdraw from unhealthy

relationships, alliances, and situations especially when my thoughts, opinions, and emotions are not valued

I choose to not engage in unproductive conversations

I will not overextend or overexert In explaining myself and how I feel

I do not self-sabotage in unrequited situations by expecting those people to understand me

I do not leave it to my partner, friends, or family to vindicate me or my emotions

I am fully capable of having fulfilling and lasting relationships with people who understand me and assure me that it’s safe to be authentic and vulnerable

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