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Nothin' Like Having Your Soul Tribe

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This week's reflection is a celebration of me finally feeling at home with myself and others. No, this feeling I have didn't just start today. This has truly been a process for me, and this week I thought it was fitting to share.

There's nothin' like being around women who have purpose-driven lives. Resonating in vibes, but being able to stand in your own power is the ultimate crew. After decades of being solo and feeling like the 'black sheep,' I can truly say I'm with my soul tribe. But dig this-- it didn't happen when I thought or when I wanted. My tribe naturally synced with ease. The relationships in my soul tribe weren't forced or inauthentic. My soul tribe came through my spiritual class. Each of us was focused on being in alignment with our purposes. We desired to live fulfilling lives. Over time, we learned to trust each other and we respected each other's views.

The timing of us coming together was perfect! Right when I was truly focused on myself, loving myself, strengthening my confidence, and re-establishing my self-worth-- my tribe appeared.

For the women out there who are still searching--STOP. Focus on yourself, discover what you like, and dig deep to get to know you. Go try different things, like art classes and volunteer work, travel, & venture out! Your crew will come and it will be effortless! Will there be disagreements? Yes. Will you be distant at times? Probably. But that's with any relationship. It is up to each of you to cultivate the relationship and trust, when they are a part of your soul tribe, you won't have to do much to keep y'all together! You won't have to create a facade or build high walls to protect yourself. I have been the most authentic me with them, but most importantly, with myself.

Remember, I love you so, so, so much!

With Gratitude,

Amethyst Goddess

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