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Peace within the storm...

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I’m sure I’ve told you this before, my greatest lessons have been centered around relationships. Through relationships with myself and with others, I’ve learned so many facets of relationship dynamics that it is mind-boggling.

I have learned from not running away from storms. Now I face them. I can dig deep and make challenging decisions of stepping away from people, habits, and things that no longer serve me.

I have experienced so many situations surrounding being grounded and secure within myself, that I can share how I can maintain my peace within any storm or adversity that comes my way. Being uncomfortable is when the biggest breakthroughs, the most gratifying upgrades, greatest gains, and appreciation come through. No, I am not saying you should not have comforts in life. But, I can tell you that growth and rewards are obtained through lessons. I learned more about myself through them. I cultivated my strengths and highlighted areas of improvement that I chose to acknowledge; even when it was difficult to face.

How do I maintain my peace?
This may seem too simple, but for one, the recognition and acceptance that I have survived and thrived through my most challenging times. Time and time again, I have proven that I am resilient. No matter what, I am resourceful and will find a way or make one. If resourcefulness is not required, for that particular situation, then I just allow. I have learned that I cannot control everything, but I can control my reaction and my perspective. Time and time again, experiences have worked out in my favor (even when it initially didn’t look that way).

A huge transformation came once I became more self-aware and tapped into my divinity. Having an awareness of what divine feminine and masculine energy are and what I possess helped me tremendously. I would overexert my energy, thinking I had to work hard, then become resentful because my results didn't meet my high expectations or I'd become frustrated with life- period. Learning to work with the energy within me ultimately helped me understand the energy around me (which was more than likely a reflection of what I was truly feeling).

Over time, I have been able to separate my emotions from my surroundings. In the beginning, I was unaware that I would carry the feelings of others and my surroundings. Some call it being empathic. With being empathic, you have to maintain balance and check in with yourself often. Traumatic experiences can lead to hyperawareness of low vibrational people or situations.

I have learned people project their feelings onto me. In turn, I would internalize and overanalyze my experiences. Second-guessing my responses was so frustrating. Once I took my healing process seriously, I gained the confidence that what I initially felt or how I initially responded was the most accurate. Learning that others may be uncomfortable with me standing up for myself and maintaining healthy boundaries was tough at first. But I have learned, if they are uncomfortable, it’s really none of my business. They will get mad, and that is okay. Sometimes conflict is necessary. Getting caught up with others' perceptions of me, especially those that really don’t have my best interest, really don’t need my explanations let alone my attention.

I do not have to sacrifice my peace for anyone or anything. Being frazzled by situations or people is unnecessary because these factors are often temporary. I am a firm believer some people and situations can present themselves as ‘tests.’ Testing your will, tolerance, or even your self-love. Give yourself permission to ask questions like,

“Do I love and respect myself?"

‘If I love myself, would I […] ?"

“Does this conflict with my peace or my limits?”

Know your limits. Do not sabotage your self-worth or love by over compromising and overcompensating. Expectations from others to just get it or understand is foolish. You set the tone! Remember, the comfort comes in knowing you are loved, cared for, and protected, not in being in comfortable situations. Peace comes from within and radiates outwardly.

Here are some Goddess Declarations I would like to share.

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