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Relationships 102: Free Yourself From Limitations & Attachments

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Oftentimes, the bs that we carry is not our own.

We tend to carry the baggage from generations of faulty thinking, pain/grief, resentment, doctrines, and other hang-ups. Anything that you do on a consistent basis can in turn become your religion... especially if your ideas, thoughts, and how you operate in life is centered around it—- from limiting beliefs to a morning jog or coffee.

For example, I was raised not to waste because my parents and their parents had limited resources aka BROKE. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying to be wasteful and be in excess of everything... be balanced! But, what I am saying is be FREE! More than likely, my parents and the ones who raised you didn't know any better than you. It's not about the blame game or being excessively critical of yourself or others. It's about self-awareness, self-realization, and development. The attachment you carry/carried with you probably assisted in your survival in one way or another. Attachments usually are used to protect us from our fears.

A good example to emulate is children. Children can be what we deem as brutally honest. But, truth be told, they are real. They don't have a filter and they tell you straight up how they feel and if they do or don't like something or someone. As children, we were resilient and did not see limitations. We exercised our imagination through playing dress-up, drawing, building our blocks, etc. We tested gravity by throwing balls and sometimes ourselves down the stairs LOL. Over time, we were taught to censor ourselves. We eventually learn to lie to ourselves and to others to fit in... not wanting to cause a fuss or be considered a sore thumb.

Remove the limitations that were given to you... they are not yours

Remove the shit that was never yours, deal with the shit you adopted and made yours! The layers go deep though! From a poverty mindset to unhealthy relationships with food. Don’t allow other people’s hang-ups to impact your MO... that’s theirs to carry or deal with not you or yours! The less baggage you carry the better you're able to maneuver in life. Easier said than done at times but—-

Be objective to the experiences you encounter and less absorbent! Live your truth and find what makes sense to you.

What resonates with you?

Go check out our Forum Discussions & let's talk about it!

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