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Readings are timeless; whenever you come to this page, the message will resonate at that time

If you arent following me on ig., I posted on my @just_hertribe ig page this reading and the full message is posted here on the site.

For Instagram followers, scroll down for the revelations.

Pick 1 (if more than one message resonates, so be it)

Selah- pause and take a deep breath and choose the stone that you're drawn to

Carnelian Stone


Healing and Balancing the Sacral Chakra; great for menstrual cycles, womb exercises, emotional attention, boost sexual energy and fertility; excellent stone for abundance rituals, passion projects, creating, & tapping into joy

"Passion Ignited"

With this Sagittarian energy, the time is now to allow yourself to feel and be free! Be gentle to your Inner Child that wants to be expressive, imaginative, have fun, and try new things. Your passion is gearing up for the New Year. In 2022, you will be embarking on new ventures and further developing existing projects. Release what's holding you back. Unhinge the barricade you have built around the emotions that have been pint up and experiences you have allowed to continuously play in the back of your mind!

If this is too graphic for you, skip this part of the reading. But, I saw and heard this word clear as day- "engorged." You are bursting at the seams with bountiful gifts and treasures. I saw the image of a swollen breast like those of a breastfeeding mother. You have been prepping in the background, studying, working late at night, healing, releasing baggage, etc. It's almost time for your moment!

Hold on! We are about to take-off!!

Channel your sexual energy into a new project or the bedroom-- your choice!

(NOTE: With this same message, I also heard that someone needs to get their breasts examined. So take heed.)



Lapis Lazuli


Throat & Third Eye Chakra, Intuition, Can be used for psychic protection; during the dream state & astral projection, increase psychic abilities & spiritual downloads, excellent for meditation, deepen self-awareness & calmness, help heal the ability to communicate and express oneself

"Financial and Material Changes"

Now is not the time to fall back into the shadows. You have everything you need to begin those projects. So stop procrastinating! The number 5 is connected to change. Your mouthpiece is an abundance tool-- USE IT! Your story and channeled messages are impactful. People are drawn to you. Why not get paid for it?! Write that book, become that Marketing Strategist, you're the Philosopher, the Diviner; the Herbalist, the Doula; upload those videos, and share your content!

Your opportunities come from YOUR DIVINE CREATIVITY!




Benefits: If you need assistance in initiating change this one is for you! Heightens your intuition and opens your heart space; protection; healing properties; known as the "Holy Grail" of stones/crystals

"Movement, Choices, Decisions"

I heard "999" for this message. Feel free to look it up if it resonates with you! It's time for you to relocate, shift your energy, step outside your comfort zone. Either move or be moved. You may not like the way the Universe will do it--so let's avoid the Tower moment! Now's the time to not be wishy-washy or scared. So stop being hard-headed!

I'm hearing someone is applying for a 2 bedroom apartment and you're worried about your approval odds-- you got it! The Universe and your guides have your back.



Amazonite Stone


Useful for establishing hope; zaps fatigue; perfect for manifesting; helps heal trauma; perfect for going with the flow


Typically, this card is used to identify darker forces and low vibrations, similar to "the Devil" card in the Rider Waite tarot. I am seeing the ball of light as Source and Your Inspiration. You're vacillating between doing something you are divinely gifted to do and what makes the most money for you to live comfortably. Reconnect with Spirit. It is getting to a point where you're limiting yourself based on what you think you can do. Remove the 'glass ceilings'! Stop self-sabotaging because you are more than enough and fully capable of bringing what you see in your head into reality!!!

Rebalance Recalibrate Realign!!!

The breakthrough and confirmations you have been seeking are on the other side. Look up a Crown Chakra cleanse. Get grounded by going in nature, eating a baked sweet potato, or try being barefoot.

If you like these types of readings comment below and I'll do more of them!!!

From the original ig post:

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