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The Power of Psalms

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Whether you're young, old, Christian, or free-spirited, there are just certain principles across the board for anyone who chooses to acknowledge them. In my eyes, I see the Bible as a collection of scrolls filled with magical and potent expressions that can be used to orchestrate protection, abundance, victory & justice in legal matters or disputes, prosperity (financial, health, spiritual, etc.) in one's life.

Hands down, the Book of Psalms, is one of my favorite and essential messages that I hold dear in my life. One may argue about the author of the book or debate about the creation of the Bible. We can discuss for days King David's distasteful resumé of being a murderer, adulterer, etc., etc., etc.

But, let's focus on the content of the biblical text or songs. Yes, I am sure some readers have memorized a few of the Psalms, such as Psalm 23, either by force in Sunday school as a child or by curiosity.

All jokes aside, I wanna share some of my faves that you may want to use in your life. Shoot, you might already do--- if so, feel free to comment below and let me know which ones you use and why. Also, if you want more insight on how to use the Bible or specifically Psalms, lemme know and we may be able to cook up somethin' for ya.

Psalm 91 - Protection (my favorite)

Psalm 35- Legal matters

Psalm 65- "Road opener"

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