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Unlocking the 7 Doorways to Everything You Want

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

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Have you ever unleashed your fierceness, prowess, sexual energy to get what you want and then immediately felt guilty?

Have you ever tapped into your sensual nature and became desirable amongst those with higher caliber but shied away from it thinking you're drawing too much attention?

Have you ever felt so connected to yourself and your Source that you knew someway somehow you could literally have anything you needed or wanted because you felt deserving? Not to mention, the confidence you possessed, at that moment, effortlessly opened the floodgates to opportunities, gifts, and, or a boost in your finances.

The truth is, in those moments, you knew that you were 'tapped into' an unlimited source, an abundant bank, a bountiful supply. You also knew you have the ability to draw in anything you want and desire--- and that SCARED you!

I am here to tell you, what you felt was not fake or manipulative. Generally, people see manipulation as only a negative behavior. I disagree. But that's another topic on a different day! LOL. The energy you possess and have locked away needs to be released! Do you realize an infinite amount of possibilities of success, fulfillment, and contentment are stored up within you bursting at the seams?! The limitations or what I call 'glass ceilings' are what's hindering you from leveling up. Based on my experiences and observations, you are either disconnected from your body (usually due to trauma), unaware, or ill-informed.

When I am not grounded, fear and worry set in. My pathway has confusion and pessimism. I am not connected to my Source (God, Creator, or whoever you resonate with), therefore, I am disconnected from my Self. I do not feel safe.

When I'm disconnected from my Self, I will not hear my intuition to guide me to make decisions for my highest good. My 'knowing' will be dull or distant. My insight will be blurry. I will seek clarity in the wrong places, second-guessing almost every decision. If I'm imbalanced, I may seek refuge within myself, thinking my paranoias are true and accurate; however, my perception is skewed.

When I don't speak, when needed, my voice is not heard. My symptoms can be hoarseness, dental issues, or even loss of creativity. My throat chamber is the gateway to express myself. My existence is made known through my vocal chords. It provides a channel to express the essence of my being. Or, I may overreact or overexpress my need to be heard or seen.

When I don't follow my heart, I do not love or express love freely. Forgiveness is a word that is nonexistent in my world. Compassion and empathy for my Self and others are blocked. Happiness is on 'E.' I seek out things, habits, or people to make me feel better.

When I don't have passion or a zest for life, I'm burdened with an unhappy daily routine. I either have my boundaries up too high or too low. I'm not respected or taken seriously. Hell, I don't even take myself seriously. My confidence is low, and I feel that I do not belong anywhere. I'm the one who's in a room filled with people, that still feel out of place or alone.

When I do not channel my sacral energy and nurture my womb through healing, exercise, and love, I feel disconnected from my passions, happiness, and freedom of expression. Addictive behaviors or obsessions rule my life. I lock away the carefree, wild girl from being vivacious and experiencing a fulfilling, limitless life.

These feelings I have just expressed outline your '7' energy points, also known as 'chakras.' I call them 'doorways.' When either of these doorways is imbalanced, it'll throw off your manifestations, your confidence, your whole being! Being holistically healthy will provide the keys to unlock those 'doorways.' I want to share a few ways I have opened myself to a more meaningful and purposeful life. Get ready and come on board! If you're not ready, that's perfectly okay! Divine timing is always respected and appreciated. We are all on different journeys, but remember, our paths have just crossed! (Wink wink, LOL). Continue reading and stay in touch! I have weekly content that will surely pique your interest and draw you in.

With Love & Gratitude,

Amethyst Goddess

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