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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

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Good day, Royalty! I wanted to shed some light on my journey. I hope my transparency helps someone on their path. Literally, JustHER Tribe started with JUST ME! I tried collaborations, joint business ventures, and they would all fall apart. No matter my effort, I couldn't push my will or abilities to make these connections to work in my favor. I adjusted myself so much that I lost myself. So I just stopped and accepted that doing projects by myself are okay, until I meet the ones that are the 'right fit' for me and my business efforts. Divine connections will show themselves to me when it is time.

Just a little background, I was always the dependable leader of any group I participated in. I found myself delegating and fusing ideas and personalities together to bring visions into reality.

I now appreciate how different I am. I own the power of my voice. My thoughts and opinions matter. Therefore, I don't vacillate between people pleasing and ensuring I maintain my happiness. I had an epiphany-- I was already more than enough and operating independently. The partnerships were empty. They were facades of partnerships that weren't authentic. All that time, I was the one putting in work!

Do I value joint ventures? Hell yes! Do I welcome feedback? Maybe. It depends on the source of the feedback, their credibility, and if their opinion is truly warranted. Otherwise, their 2 cents can be expressed, but not taken into consideration. At this point in my life, I have accepted that my collection of experiences has turned into expertise, and I have a firm handle on what I say and do..

I am so thankful for the process. It most certainly took self awareness, embracing my strengths & acknowledging the areas that need improvement. I removed the illusions and the limiting thought patterns that prevented me from truly believing in myself. I adopted new beliefs that allowed me to to see more potentials than obstacles.

Know that even though we are on different paths and may have different missions, you are not alone. Who knows, those passion projects you've been working hard on in the middle of the night, need only your cultivation to build a solid foundation. Depending on your vision, some projects you create are hobbies and remain there; whereas some hobbies evolve into long term businesses that will provide stable streams of income that you can thrive on, pass to your children, or community. Sometimes getting advice from too many sources, such as social media influencers and "experts" can 'water' down the quality of your content and you will blend in instead of stand out.

What makes you different? What you offer that others don't? What drives you?

Key things I carried along the way in my backpack:

I am worthy

I deserve happiness

I am fully capable to be the driver of my life

My thoughts and opinions matter most

My thoughts and opinions hold value

I am complete and more than enough

JustHER is built off being JUST ME EVOLVING RICHLY.

With Gratitude,

Amethyst Goddess

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