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Where's Your Fire?

If you don't understand anything about planetary shifts, retrogrades, zodiacs, or any of the sort--you feel you sense, you see changes bursting out of the envelope of life. Clarity, transformations, revelations have been so evident in the year 2020. I'm sure you have at least questioned, "what makes me happy?" "what truly makes me happy?" or "what are my desires?"

Do you secretly fear that you won't get your heart's desires? Do you feel vulnerable more than ever? Have you felt uncomfortable with your current situation? Good! This is the perfect time, more than ever, to finally dig deep, live your truth, and live for you! It's time to come out of the shadows of your fears and you downplaying your significance in this world. Who or what are you living for? Life is truly meant for t

he living, and to experience what the Universe has to offer.

Let's face the fears, let's heal the wounds that we've been coddling and protecting. Let's remove the crutches and the layers weighing us down. Feel through the discomfort of the unknown. It is okay that you're upset, disappointed, or hurt. FEEL IT! Then transmute that energy into building those projects, cultivating those dreams, taking those calculated risks, loving again! Be vulnerable. It is safe for you to be present. It is safe for you to love. You have the right to be here. You are the center of your Universe.

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